BQ Energy professionally manages all aspects of a project from definition through financing and operation.

BQ Energy is proud to be a subsidiary of CleanCapital, an industry-leading clean energy investment platform.


BQ Energy was created in 2002 specifically to develop wind energy facilities on brownfield sites. BQ Energy was among the first to realize this new market and has successfully developed projects such as the Steel Winds facility in Lackawanna, NY and others. In 2008, BQ Energy expanded its work to develop solar photovoltaic projects. These efforts have been focused mostly on brownfields and community landfills.

Why Landfills and Brownfields?

Brownfield sites offered an outstanding fit for the needs of a great wind project. Often such sites are located on coastal regions, so the wind resource and access to transportation infrastructure are available. Developing solar on landfills allows the environmental integrity of the landfill to be maintained, while moving landfill properties back into productive reuse for the community.


  • We were among the first to develop landfill solar projects in Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut, Maryland, and elsewhere.
  • We built the largest landfill based solar project in the US.
  • We have received recognition from EPA, several state regulators, and many publications.