BQ Energy has world-class experience in the development of utility-scale solar energy facilities. Our staff has worked on projects as small as 500 kW and as large as 100 MW. We have built up particular expertise in the siting of solar energy facilities on landfills and brownfields. Such installations beneficially reuse land which may have limited alternative use but which often have a good electrical infrastructure. BQ Energy manages all aspects of the development of landfill or brownfield based solar installations. We figure out if a property is suitable for solar redevelopment, then manage all required permitting, design, financing, procurement, equipment selection, construction, commissioning, and operation. BQ Energy has worked extensively with communities in public/private partnerships to ensure that the redevelopment is well received and fair to all stakeholders.

Lots of people are starting to think that siting solar on landfills is a good idea. BQ Energy has the experience to know it is a great idea.